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Corrida, Mexican Roundup, November 3-10, 2019. Six night stay also available.

Experience a real, genuine and unique Mexican Roundup, or “Corrida,” full of vaqueros (cowboys), horses, cattle, ambiance, great food and ideal weather with lots of riding, drives, technique, corral and cattle work. Take advantage of this event to both experience the beauty of the ranch as well as our once-a-year, highly entertaining Roundup. Active participation in the roundup is voluntary but highly recommended.

Ride off at the crack of dawn, along with our merry band of vaqueros, observing and participating either in cattle work or amazing trail rides. Combining trail riding days with cattle herding, driving and corral work days, you will experience the rugged beauty of the ranch. After all, this land is not Kansas, but rather some of the most rugged and wild land you will ever ride. Become a vaquero or vaquera during one of the most fun times at the ranch! Spectacular weather included.

If you love horses, ranches and riding, this is an outstanding event for you. Be warned, this is not "City Slickers," but the real, genuine, evolving and thrilling experience. If you love horses, ranches and riding, this is an outstanding event for you. See some of the best Vaqueros around as they showcase their skills in an event that grows more popular every year.

With the Corrida, you go out every day with real, genuine Vaqueros on their daily quest to round-up and drive as many cattle as they can find. Acting as a team, all members of the group, various Vaqueros and numerous guests, funnel the cattle together and drive them to our central corral system. You are assigned a vaquero that you will shadow, and together you complete the day's assignments. Usually, guests spend between 4-6 hours in the saddle every day of the Corrida. There is no camping, and all guests return to their accommodations.

Once in the corrals, lunch is served. After a small break, corral work begins, consisting of separating, branding, castrating, etc... It is an experience to be seen and observed!

Our Corrida requires intermediate to advanced riding skills in order to participate. Unfortunately, due to the highly challenging nature of the Corrida, beginners will be at a high disadvantage during the week, and are thus not encouraged to visit this week. Beginner riders can visit and participate in other adventures, though.

Please note: During the course of the week, there will be three to four trail rides not associated with the Corrida itself. These are our normal, thrilling, challenging, entertaining and fun rides, in small group numbers, to areas of the ranch untouched by the Corrida. These rides, 5-7 hours in length, will consist of our best trail rides, to various elevations and distinct habitats.

Combined with three-four days of Corrida action, we find that this combination allows our guests to both experience the Corrida as well as our famous, and highly technical and challenging, trail rides. As we offer 30,000 acres, there is much to see and experience.

It should also be noted that our Corrida is not in any way, shape or form similar to the movie "City Slickers." Our Corrida is real, genuine and organic. It evolves with the natural flows of cattle and on conditions on the ground. Our terrain, too, has nothing in common with prairies and flat-lands. Ours is as rugged and rocky as anything out there, offering ravines, canyons, valleys, mountain and so on, making for challenging, thrilling and entertaining riding.

Cattle must be found throughout the ranch, and oftentimes they are hidden in canyons, crevices, ravines, different valleys and mountain-tops. Sometimes only a few head of cattle are found, sometimes dozens. As mentioned before, this is a real Roundup, and it should be treated as such. There might be times of sheer excitement just as there will be times of standing still, looking out at a great vastness, no cattle in sight.

Not every day may be successful, and not every day may produce high entertainment and adventure. Sometimes, finding cattle at the ranch is like finding a needle in a haystack. However, the overall week is exciting, thrilling and lots of fun and excitement. Culturally, it is unlike anything out there, with a chance to engage Sonoran Vaquero culture, its food and norms, plus the great riding of our Vaqueros.Combined with some of the best weather of the entire year, a Corrida vacation is fantastic!

Sometimes, our cowboys must ride steep cliffs and mountains, instructing you to stay behind. These highly technical and difficult maneuvers are best experienced observing rather than participating. As policy, we do not allow guests to engage in these dangerous dynamics.

Before fully signing up, you should understand this reality.

We do hope we get the opportunity to meet you in November 2019, a great and beautiful time of year to visit the Rancho. Space is limited as we cap our guest numbers to 8-10 guests per Corrida.

Rates for this highly popular week-long, 7 night/8 day, unique, cultural-immersion vacation are $1,650 per guest, based on double occupancy and $1,750 per guest, single occupancy. Six night, Nov 3-9 rate is $1,450, double occupancy, $1,550, single occupancy. FYI, we do offer non-rider stays and rates during this exciting week as well.

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