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Mountain Biking

Rancho Los Baños offers an estimated 120 kilometers of dirt roads, most of which are as rocky and rugged as the land they circumvent. Our system of roads encompasses many distinct habitats and elevations. They spread out to all corners of the ranch, offering amazing scenery and adventure. Our bikes have spent countless hours traversing these roads, and have passed numerous tests with flying colors. Riding your bike, you will see land untamed and unspoiled, with a ruggedness and wildness you have never experienced. In fact, riding a bike on the network of roads will allow you the freedom to see a land devoid of noise or humanity . Whether you are an experienced mountain biker or a guest out for a light stroll, Rancho Los Baños offers a diverse set of challenges. Uphill or downhill biking, arduous or leisurely rides, feel the freedom of riding your bike for miles, or yards. Yet our roads are not for the faint of heart.

The ruggedness of the road system is one of the things that makes Rancho Los Baños unique, keeping its environment unspoiled and pristine. Yet it is also what makes mountain biking at the ranch challenging and fun. Make no mistake, biking here is not to be taken lightly. Our roads oftentimes look down at canyons hundreds of feet below and are not protected by barriers. Roads that seem downhill can surprise you with grueling uphill battles. However, the bumps, ups, downs and ruggedness of the road system are part of the adventure, part of the wildness of this land. We would not have it any other way. How else is complete isolation to be achieved, and adventure vacations to be enjoyed.

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