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Rates (Bienvenidos! We are Open August-May):

By taking advantage of seasonal specials your Daily Rate can drop  to as low as $195/person/night (double occupancy). Rates at other Guest Ranches do not get much better than this. Typically, our rates are 30-50% lower than traditional guest/dude/working ranches, with so much offered in our Daily Rate. Our philosophy is People over Profit.

With Round Trip Transportation from Tucson or Douglas to the Rancho and back, any day of the week [Tucson pick ups have a $50 per guest fee. All drop-offs included.] you need not worry about driving in Mexico. Travel with us in safe, secure and comfortable vehicles, leaving the driving to us and the sightseeing to you. Simply enjoy the Ride. We also offer a $40 credit per guest incentive if you drive your car to Douglas. Please see FAQ.

With a maximum of 12-14 guests at any one time, you get personalized hosting, hospitality and service that caters to all your needs, making for a great stay with us. Average weekly guest numbers: 6-8 in late Summer and Fall; 10-12 in holidays; 8-10 in Spring. Large Group capacity is 16 guests.

Please note that our season runs from the 1st of August through 5th of May, with the Rancho closed mid May through early August.

Please click here to visit our Rancho Kids Club, Children's Program, description.

For a copy of our PDF formatted "Guest Packet" contact us over phone, email or live chat.

For average daily and seasonal temperatures at the ranch please click here



                                                                   Current Specials

                               ***Four night minimum stay required.*** 

                       Thanksgiving Week, Nov 20-30: $235/guest/night, 4 night minimum. Beautiful time to visit, with Turkey meal, Latin American wines, Great riding, Milky Way Galaxy, Campfires, Fall Desert Colors. All-inclusive. Terrific pristine, scenic riding. 70-75 degree, sunny days, Fall beauty, head to Sonora.

                     ** Please note: From August 2022 through end of April 2023, we are not open every week. We are open 2 weeks a month in Fall, 3 weeks per month in Spring. Please contact us directly to see if your week works. Also, Rancho will only open if we have three or more guests at a time.** 

                   ***Gratuity of 15% appreciated if we deserve it. Taxes are 8.5% *** 

Note: Mexican Corrida Week is cancelled for 2022.

                     ** February 1 through February 14 Special: Four night stay: $250/night, FIVE night stays or greater: $240 per night.Plus, Kids under 10 stay free! Single occupancy add $15 per night.** 

Year-round Child Rates: Ages 0-6, Free of Charge; Ages 7-11, Kids Stay For $105 per day;  

                                           Ages 12 and up, Kids Pay Normal Rates or Specials; Rates are All-Inclusive    

Make sure you check out our Special Events and their Rates: 

Year-round Ladies Specials

Thanksgiving Week Specials

Unique, one-of-a-kind Sea to Sierra Adventure Tour


*** All Rates, Packages and Specials are All Inclusive ***

 *** Prices subject to change to reflect peak/low seasons ***

*** Your rate will not change once you lock in your reservation ***

*** Reservation and Refund Policies can be found at bottom of this page***


 2022-2023 Regular Rates and Packages [Special Weeks and Events listed in Current Specials above]:

Package/Special            Dates             Single Occup.         Double Occup.             Rate per Night


5 Nights/6 Days      Oct. --- Jan. 10           $1,300/guest          $1,200/guest              $260/sgl; $240/dbl.


5 Nights/6 Days      Feb 1 -- April 30        $1375/guest         $1,300/guest                $275/sgl; 260/dbl.



6 Nights/7 Days     Oct. --- Jan. 10            $1,530/guest         $1,410/guest              $255/sgl; $235/dbl.


6 Nights/7 Days     Feb 1 -- April 30         $1,620/guest          $1,530/guest             $270/sgl; $255/dbl.


Ladies Special  [For 2 or more Ladies [15+] in Double Occupancy or Greater. Stays of 5 nights or more]


                                   Oct. --- Jan. 10         ------------             $2225/night/guest              $225/guest


                                   Feb 1 -- April 30      ------------             $240/night/guest              $240/guest



Amigos del Rancho Special

Past Guests Receive additional 15% Discount for Second Visit; 25% for Third Visit, 35% for Fourth and more.


Referrals Receive an additional 10% Discount for New Visit



4 Nights/5 Days     Oct. --- Jan. 10          $1,060/guest           $980/guest                   $265/sgl; $245/ dbl.


4 Nights/5 Days    Feb 1 -- April 30       $1,120/guest            $1,060/guest                   $280/sgl; $265/ dbl.



7 Nights/8 Days     Oct. --- Jan. 10         $1,750/guest        $1,610/guest                $250/sgl; $230/ dbl.


7 Nights/8 Days     Feb 1 -- April 30     $1,855/guest        $1,750/guest               $265/sgl; $250/ dbl.



** We offer a progressive rate system: The more nights you stay, the lower the per night rate will be. **


** Ask about large group discounts and longer stay discounts ** 



 Horseback Riding and Ranch Landscapes


2022-2023 Special Events

[Please consult the “Events” page, under “About Us,” for more information.]



Special Event                                 Date/Length                 Rate per Guest               Rate per Night


Sea to Sierra Adventure         Feb-May;Aug-Nov.        Starting at $3,000.00/guest                       ------

                                                   From 8-10 nights            3 Guest Occupancy min.        ------


Thanksgiving Week                   November 20-30             $235/night                       $235   

“Per Night”(4 night min)                               Single Occup.;                 $250/night                                 


Winter Holidays                       Dec 22 Jan 5          5 nights min.                 $250

“Navidad”                                    Single Occupancy            5 night min.                  $275


Autumn and Winter at the Rancho

Enjoy the beauty of our wonderful Fall and Winter months [Oct through the end of December], with our terrific warm, sunny days and a landscape that looks otherworldly, unique and exotic. See the Rancho in its magical Fall colors and light. Enjoy a beautiful collection of pristine scenery, as well as night skies clear, dark and crisp enough to enjoy full views of the Milky Way.

Our Autumn and Winter months bring along, together with, ideal weather and temperatures [65-75 F] for outdoors adventures, terrific daytime temperatures for all-day adventures. Comfortable, warm and sunny days, along with colorful, autumn colors in Oct, Nov, early Dec, with terrific beauty, whether inside canyons or up mountains, with falling yellow, reddish leaves, and golden colored landscapes [Oct-Dec], with warm days and cool evenings, allow us to showcase a magical land with National Park quality scenery. After a morning and afternoon of adventure, relax on your porch and enjoy the beauty of our natural desert scenery, surrounded by terrific lighting and ambiance.

Come spend October through the end of December with us, fused with Mexican hospitality, in the process enjoying a wonderfully preserved land with its spectacular beauty. This is what a desert Autumn and Winter should be all about, offering great weather, temperatures, scenery, comfort and hospitality. This is a great time of year to visit us, offering nice weather, colors, and adventures. The natural beauty of the Rancho is at its peak, with a feel that is fantastic, with adventures that feel ideal. Join us and experience the magic of Rancho Los Banos.



All Inclusive Packages include:


       Three meals/day; snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic); All with your personal chef. Lunches and

           dinners consist of home-cooked, fresh, natural meals consisting of Mexican dishes,   

           both Northern and Southern Mexico (65%) and International cuisine (35%). Vegetarian/vegan

           Meals available upon request. Breakfast is Continental style, with great variety, including

           cereals, many fresh fruits and berries, large variety of Mexican style eggs, toast/muffins, yogurts, pastries, juices, fresh brewed coffee/tea and more.

       Guided (2-5 hour) day hiking trips throughout the 30,000 acre ranch including  

           below El Pinito Mountain, The Badlands, Cajon Aguaje, El Cajon de la Catedral, Las  

           Palmas River Bed, Los Almireces Riparian Riverbed, El Cajon Canyon, Trek to

           Bavispe River, Cajon El Caricito, El Palmarito Riverbed and much more.


        Dwellings/pictograph tours, small day treks, canyoneering and bouldering inside box canyons,  visit to and exploration of caves

        Bird watching and wildlife spotting within the Ranch boundaries (diverse elevations and


       Dark Sky Stargazing,  Outdoor Campfires, DVD Western Movies [Classic and Modern], Games.


        Jeep 4x4 ecotours (Personal driver) with over 120 kilometers of dirt roads offering great  

         scenery and adrenaline pumping adventures.


      Horseback Riding (220 lb. limit); Short Ride:Three hours/day. Long rides: 4-6 hours;

      Recommended for all Experience and Riding Levels. Multiple Trails Available.


  Mountain biking; Bring your own bike or use one of ours.  Over 120 kilometers of roads.


       Tour, Fishing and Kayaking on Lake Angostura. [Additional charge of $95 per guest based on 2 or more guests. Single guest $150.Trip takes 2 hour car ride each way.]


       Trip to our Warm Springs/Hanging Gardens [Seasonal; currently not offered; $35/guest each additional visit. Trip takes 1 hour in car each way.]


       Bavispe River Visit and Fishing [currently not offered] [1 trip per stay; $35/guest each additional visit] [River and warm springs access blocked off by massive land slide. Trip takes 1 hour in car each way.]

      Linens, Sheets, Towels, Shampoo, Body Wash.

      Tortilla Making Lessons, cooking class, Lassoing Lessons, kids archery, kids BB gun shooting with targets, horse interaction [grooming/bathing/prepping], cattle work if available.


      Nightly comfortable fire in living room set up by your host; Seasonal.

      Alcoholic beverages ARE NOT provided.  Guests are invited to purchase their own alcohol

      prior to arrival. Our shuttle stops at a grocery store in Sonora prior to entering the Rancho.


      Roundtrip Shuttle Transfer from Tucson to Rancho [weekend arrivals; $50/guest weekday]


Reservation Policy:


A deposit of  50% of the total price of your package is needed to secure a reservation.  

This amount is due within five days of confirming, via email or telephone, your intent to

visit the ranch.  The five day grace period is a soft reservation.This soft reservation will expire within five days unless the 50% deposit is received by us in the time allotted.


The remaining  balance is due, without exception, THREE weeks prior to your scheduled arrival. Failure to pay the remaining balance on a timely basis will result in cancellation or postponement of the reservation. Please consult our refund policy for a description of rescheduling and refund protocols.


Refund Policy:

Tierra Chamahua EcoAdventures at Rancho Los Banos works diligently to ensure you have the vacation experience of your dreams. We also understand that it's possible to have an unexpected scheduling conflict, family or personal emergency.  We would like you to be aware of the following:


 Covid19 has altered our world and thus requires adaptation. Therefore, we are happy to reschedule your visit up to 2 years from the day of your notice of cancellation, with NO PENALTY to you. We have also now made possible reservation transfers to third parties or friends/relatives. For cancellations, please be aware of the following:


With 40 days or more notice, we will refund you 50% of your deposit .  The forfeited 50% can be credited toward a future visit, to be taken within 2 years of your notice of cancellation.


With less than 40 days notice but before 30 days of your visit, we will refund you  25% of the total amount already paid.  The forfeited 75% can be credited toward a future visit, to be taken within 2 years of your notice of cancellation.


With 30 days or less notice, your entire payment is non-refundable.  The forfeited amount can be credited toward a future visit, to be taken within 2 years of your notice of cancellation.


If you do not reschedule within the allotted time frame and opt to cancel, the forfeited amount cannot be returned.


There will be no refund for an altered visit once you arrive at the ranch.


There will be no refund for an early departure - whether your choice or ours.


Due to our seclusion, all attempts will be made, without guarantees, that we can get you out of the ranch. If we are able, you will be responsible for shuttle costs and transfer from Douglas to Tucson as our shuttle service is prearranged to comply with your original schedule. Changes made on short-notice are not possible.


We are a very small operation and last minute cancellations or changes can and will have a major

impact.We rely on your confirmed group numbers and oftentimes turn down other potential guests, especially during peak weeks. Therefore, final payments are not subject to deductions if group numbers decrease.But for our reliance on your booking, and total guest numbers and final rate, we would have certainly booked other guests.   We hope you understand and opt for rescheduling rather than canceling.  We

respectfully cannot make any exceptions.


If our rates change after you make a payment, and you opt to reschedule, amount paid will be used as a credit towards the new rate and you must pay the balance. You will not get the old rate.


We encourage you to purchase travel insurance.

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